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Personal Finance Software: A Spectrum of Options

the good old days http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-hoodie.html ,
keeping track of one s personal finances was usually as simple as balancing a
check book and making sure you had enough cash to cover your monthly bills. Now,
credit and debit cards, multiple bank accounts, electronic fund transfers,
direct deposit of checks and many other things have made life much more
complicated. These days a good financial software program can make your life a
lot easier.

Conventional Software

There are numerous financial
software programs on the market. Most offer several levels of
functionality http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-customized.html ,
depending on your needs and what you are willing to pay. Some are conventional
software that you install on your computer and newer versions are completely
online. Several personal factors such as banking needs, security concerns and
cost will determine which version is right for you.

Intuit Corporation s
Quicken program is the most popular program for sale on the market. Basic
versions are available that can help you keep track of simple checking and
savings accounts and daily finances. Professional versions designed for
businesses, investments, budgeting, etc. can perform a wide variety of financial
tasks. Since this program is stored and ran on your computer http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/ ,
it is somewhat more secure than similar online programs. Many people find this
comforting. Since the programs, especially the deluxe versions, include tax
tools, the company issues a new version of the program each year, which can
become quite expensive.

Online Software

An online version of
Quicken eliminates the need to purchase new software each year.
Instead http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-zach-strief-jersey.html ,
you pay a low monthly fee which comes out to be cheaper than the yearly cost of
the software. When using Quicken online,you enjoy immediate updates to the
latest tools and features. Your financial data is also backed up and protected
against a personal computer crash. Some people are wary of their financial data
being stored online, but it is quite safe. Nonetheless, anything online is
subject to theft from expert hackers.


For those not
wanting to shell out the money for premium software of online services, several
free online sites are available and offer many similar services. One of the most
popular sites is Mint. It was recently named a top pick by Money Magazine. Mint
allows users to track their accounts http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-willie-snead-jersey.html ,
bills, income and investments and also provides them with a weekly personalized
financial report. The down side of Mint, as with many free sites, is the large
amount of advertising. They have to pay for the site somehow. Like Quicken
online, your financial information http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-willie-roaf-jersey.html ,
though encrypted, is still online and potentially vulnerable.

One online
site that doesn t store your information online is Wesabe. All of your banking
data is stored on your personal computer. Some users may feel safer with this
method. The tools available are similar to those found on Mint, and Wesabe also
pays its bills through advertising.

Finance on the Go

telephones continue to morph more and more into small computers, financial
applications are becoming increasingly available for these devices. iPhone users
can choose from hundreds of financial applications; many are very similar to
quicken and other programs. Having your banking information at your fingertips
wherever you are can be very convenient. Just remember to take steps to
safeguard it in the event your phone is lost or stolen.
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Jen Fortney is a seasoned writer for http: .

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VIENTIANE, April 20 (Xinhua) -- The health authority of Laos has warned the public of possible outbreaks of dengue fever this year with the aim to prevent and control the disease.

From January to April this year http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-will-lutz-jersey.html , 558 dengue fever infections have been recorded in the country while during the same period last year there were 249 dengue fever cases across the country, Director of the National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology Dr. Phengta Vongphachanh said on Thursday.

Currently, dengue fever infections have been recorded in capital Vientiane at a higher rate than other provinces in the country. There have been 151 dengue fever cases reported while during the same period last year there were no report of any outbreaks, Lao state-run media Vientiane Times reported.

As many as 120 dengue fever infections have been recorded in southern Champassak province.

Last year, Champassak reported the highest number of dengue cases with six deaths recorded. Dr. Phengta Vongphachanh was quoted by Vientiane Times as saying that openly reporting outbreaks was part of the plan in responding to dengue.

"We acknowledge that increasing public awareness is one of the main strategies to reduce the risk of dengue transmission http://www.officialshopsaintsauthentic.com/authentic-vonn-bell-jersey.html ," he said, adding that local officials and health authorities are urging people to clear potential mosquito breeding sites around their homes and workplaces to help curb the spread of the virus.

According to Lao National Center for Laboratory and Epidemiology, there were 1,950 dengue cases nationwide last year, in which seven people reportedly died.

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